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Einstein Fellowship Funding for Colin Twomey

We got the great news that our application with Colin Twomey (currently Couzin Lab, Princeton University) for the prestigious Einstein International Postdoc Fellowship  was successful. We look forward to host Colin in our lab and work together on a fascinating project at the interface of collective behavior and neuroscience, in collaboration with Prof. Benjamin Judkewitz… Read More »

Sailfish paper published!

Our paper “Proto-cooperation: group hunting sailfish improve hunting success by alternating attacks on grouping prey”  was published on November 2nd, 2016 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. It combines unique observations in the open ocean with a generic mathematical model of the hunting process to explore cooperative benefits of group hunting in sailfish.… Read More »

New paper accepted!

Being back from holidays, I received the great news that our paper on progenitors migration in developing embryos, combining experimental results and mathematical modeling, got finally accepted for publications in BMC Biology: Alba Diz-Muñoz; Pawel Romanczuk; Weimiao Yu; Martin Bergert; Kenzo Ivanovitch; Guillaume Salbreux; Carl-Philipp Heisenberg; Ewa Paluch: “Steering cell migration by alternating blebs and… Read More »

Success for CoCCoN!

Recently we got some great news: Our collaborative application of 18 PIs from Princeton and Humboldt University was selected for funding within the strategic partnership program of our institutions. Starting from September 1st 2016, the Cooperation and Collective Cognition Network (CoCCoN), will come into existence bringing together scientist from such different backgrounds as biology, physics,… Read More »