Dr. Pawel Romanczuk

Institute of Theoretical Biology, Department of Biology, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin,
associated with Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin

Postal address: ITB, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Philippstr. 13, Haus 4,  10115 Berlin, Germany

Office location: Room 110, Haus 20 (1st floor, across the lawn from the coffee container, see map below), Campus Nord, HU Berlin

The building can be only entered with a key card, but there is a possibility to ring our offices using a dial pad using last digits of the phone number (e.g. 82496 see below).

If you navigate to us using GoogleMaps or something similar, I would recommend to navigate either to one of the entrances to the campus (Philippstr 13 / Luisenstr 56 / Claire-Waldorf-Str. 7) or directly to “Kaffee Container, Philippstraße, Berlin” (see map below).

Email: pawel.romanczuk ( at )
Tel: +49 30 2093 82496

Main lab space (students/staff): Tel: +49 30 2093 82497

How to navigate the campus towards the offices of the group.

How to navigate the campus towards the offices of the group, coming from the gates on Philippstr. (top), Claire-Waldoff Str. / Friedrichstr. (right), Louisenstr. (left).